Foxbell Black Beauty

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Sex: female
Colour: tricolor
Born: 20.06.1976
Kennel: Foxbell
kennel: Foxbell
Country: Australia
Country: Australia


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 97.37% American lines 0% (5 gen. - incompl.)
Abonnie True Blue (rough collie) Cara Silver Moon (rough collie) McFarlane Silver King ? ?
? ?
Cara Deanna ? ?
? ?
Oldthornaby Sea Nymf (rough collie) McFarlane Night Shadow ? ?
? ?
McFarlane Blue Chiffon ? ?
? ?
Foxearth Black Faith Foxtwitchen Luke Selskars Duncan Wythenshawe Windhover Wythenshawe Watchful
Wythenshawe Wattatrreasure
Selskars Gay Susanna Peterblue Dougald
Selskars Peterblue Susan
Foxtwitchen Blue Impression Selskars Windjammer Wythenshawe Windhover
Selskars Sabretta
Chanelle of Foxtwitchen Denison Silver Dauphin (rough collie)
Shani of Shantock
Wingbelle Lyn Peterblue Leader Roxton Peterblue Zebbadee Hughley Hush Puppy Blue
Peterblue Sophie
Peterblue Emma Peterblue Raymond
Peterblue Victoria
Cotsbelle Lilyblue Faimarks Blue Fanfare (rough collie) Lowerpark Black Buccaneer
Ruthvenlea Royal Rose
Peterblue Love In The Mist Peterblue Scallop
Peterblue Martie
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