Darsign Forever Amber

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Sex: female
Colour: sable
Born: 30.08.1993
rough coat
Kennel: Darsign
kennel: Darsign
Country: United Kingdom


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 3.35% AVK 91.94% American lines 6.25% (5 gen.)
Hilltarn Lucifer Chicnoir Midnight Sultan Crossfell’s Sea Tandem Selskars Milligan Wythenshawe Windhover
Selskars Gay Kristina
Crossfell’s Selskars Soldanella Dancerwood Dangerman
Selskars Gay Solo
Dancerwood Diamond Lil Dancerwood Mighty Grand (rough collie) Cathanbrae High And Mighty (rough collie)
Jefsfire Gay Reward of Dancerwood (rough collie)
Kirkhough’s Funfair Crossfell’s Sea Gemini
Dancerwood Witchcraft
Angelfield Sweet Dreams at Hilltarn Cathanbrae Polar Moon At Pelido (rough collie) Pelido Black Prince (rough collie) Brettonpark Highlander Of Dunsinane
Pelido Doretta of Dunsinane
Cathanbrae Southern Belle (rough collie) Cathanbrae Willow Pattern
Cotsbelle Heavenly Blue from Cathanbrae
Foxearth Jubilant Blue Heritage at Hughley Kelbonnie Goliath O’Darjoro
Kelbonnie Chan El Gina
Jalonda’s Jacanapes Peterblue Nigel
Jalonda’s Cerinda Caramia
Lindrea Precious Gem Devale Davy Crockett (rough collie) Devale Viking Stranger (rough collie) Aberthorne Arrester (rough collie) Kidlaine Konrad
Kreba Contemplation
Devale Miss Tick A Bell (rough collie) Myberns Minstrel
Mirpet Miss Melody at Devale
Devale Princess A Teak (rough collie) Matilee Black Sultan (rough collie) Aberthorne Arrester (rough collie)
Gold Rosetta from Chicnoir
Devale Miss Snow Drop (rough collie) Brettonpark Country Tweed
Mirpet Miss Melody at Devale
Darsign Witch in Love Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth Foxearth Gold Fever Chicnoir Midnight Sultan
Astrellita Love Affair
Sylbecq Fleur De Lys Hughley Honeydew
Dancerwood Crown Jewel
Little Sparrow of Darsign Foxearth Fenix Chicnoir Midnight Sultan
Astrellita Love Affair
Astrellita Pearl the Singer Astrellita The Silversmith
Dancerwood Bewitched of Astrellita
Virtual pedigree with male: