Golden Eagle Glen Dark Shadows Mr. Collins

Golden Eagle Glen Dark Shadows Mr. Collins
Sex: male
Colour: sable
Born: 02.03.2020
Reg. nr.: VDH/ZBrH COK 2361
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (by parentage)
  • DM N/N (by parentage)
  • HUU (SLC) non-carrier (by parentage)
pure for smooth (by parentage)
Kennel: Golden Eagle Glen
Country: Germany


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 1.76% AVK 91.94% (5 gen.)
Tender Wind’s Dashing Dopey Diamondfox Monsieur Cascade Talcott Timmy Tiptoes Adarstern Tangled Up In Blue Talcott Cascade Stout
Adarstern Aureola Blue (rough collie)
Talcott Tableau Milbalind Simply Smooth
Talcott Shameless
Dane Amor Coco Mademoiselle Bell Pepper’s Ghost Buster Bell Pepper’s Datapen
Ecstasy Krásná Louka
Linnanneidon Isebel Timonan Grizzly Grande
Eversti Överin Rubiini
Elettaria Cardemomum Av Thara Wesayso Random Acts of Kindness Spruce Medo’s B’cuz Wesayso Spruce Medo’s Abbyhill Buddy
Spruce Meadow’s Love Song
Cinnaberry’s Dreamweaver Whooping-Atlas
Cinnaberry’s Still Smiling
Jack Mack’s X-Dream Aosta Jetstream You R My Sonshine Jetstream Rainmaker Blues
Jetstream Touched By An Angel
Jack Mack’s Luacmar Leanaban Honey Melon Hartley Henry
Foxearth Moonlit Fantasy
Golden Eagle Glen Bond Diamonds are Forever Jack Mack’s Tràighean Te Jetstream You R My Sonshine Jetstream Rainmaker Blues Storm’s Queen Hills Quest
Natural Jetstream Scout
Jetstream Touched By An Angel Karavel Classical Debut
Natural Jetstream Scout
Kimegan Cozy at Jack Mack Countryview Sealore Satire (rough collie) Starr’s Cracker Jack (rough collie)
Delareina’s Design Ofa Decade (rough collie)
Kimegan Kettia Starr’s Cracker Jack (rough collie)
Kimegan’s Naturally Naughty
Rampant Lion Hurly Burly Rainybank’s Dark Chief Gold Hill’s The Peacekeeper (rough collie) McMaur’s The Eliminator
Gold Hill’s Wing N A Prayer
Stilvalley Black Dymond Belfair Black Bandit
Cinnabar’s Abbey of Camelot
Pelghart Precious Gold Manordeifi Smart Guy at Southcombe Manordeifi Sergeant Pepper
Manordeifi Sweet Sensation
Knipes Shades of Gold for Pelghart Southcombe Strike Gold
Sharidon Miss American Pie at Knipes
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