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Chicnoir Black Satin

no photo
Sex: female    Colour: ???
Born: 19.06.1969

Breeder:   Pam Hindes (kennel: Chicnoir)
Country: United Kingdom

Owner: Pam Hindes (kennel: Chicnoir)
Country: United Kingdom

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 1.38%  AVK 85.19% (5 gen. - uncomplete)
Chicnoir Nameless Wythenshawe Woodcut Wythenshawe Windhover Wythenshawe Watchful Arscott Amiability (rough collie)
Wychelms Faithful
Wythenshawe Wattatrreasure Laund Fearless (rough collie)
Celebrity of Grangeville
Wythenshawe Whin Wythenshawe Windrush Grangetown Blue Prince
Wychelms Faithful
Wythenshawe Whimple Wythenshawe Watchful
Mourneside Goose
Loving Lady of Sheerluxe Denison Silver Dauphin (rough collie) Rhodelands Seftonian Skylark  
Mywicks Minoru  
Shani of Shantock Selskars Blue Berry Selskars Windjammer
Moonblack of Dunsinane
Selskars Windara Wythenshawe Windhover
Selskars Sabretta
Selskars Gay Alona Adeyfield Black Tramp Adeyfield Blue Mist (rough collie) Westcarrs Blue Myboy  
Lowerpark Black Gem  
Adeyfield Black Coffee Adeyfield Golden Arrow (rough collie) White Knight of Adeyfield
Selskars Sabinka Wythenshawe Windhover
Sablette from Shiel
Selskars Gay Susanna Peterblue Dougald Merrion Blue Peter (rough collie) Group Captain
Merrion Sequence
Redevalley Rosita of Ladypark Grangetown Blue Prince
Redevalley Rosaline
Selskars Peterblue Susan Hewburn Liquorice of Ladypark (rough collie) Lenas Golden Son (rough collie)
Lilac Of Ladypark (rough collie)
Redevalley Rosita of Ladypark Grangetown Blue Prince
Redevalley Rosaline


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19.06.1969 (the same litter)
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2 children from 1 litter | details

03.08.1972 kennel: Chicnoir
sire: Mark-It-Blue of Mountlaurell
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