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Foxearth Flintab      "Flint"

Foxearth Flintab
Sex: male    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 11.09.2011
Show titles: GB Ch, Crufts - CC 2014, 2015, 2016 & BOB 2014
  CEA DNA non-carrier
  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier
  MDR1 +/-
  DM N/N
available for stud

Breeder:   Trevor & Birgit Hayward (kennel: Foxearth)
Country: United Kingdom     www

Owner: Trevor & Birgit Hayward (kennel: Foxearth)
Country: United Kingdom     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 6.4%  AVK 90% (4 gen.)
Foxearth High Frequency Foxearth Smooth Finish Kangasvuokon Put Up The Pow-wow Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer
Kangasvuokon Gitte La Gaala
Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth
Bothways Amazing Grace at Cownbred
Foxearth Antoc Firelight Foxearth Snow Flurry Fool’s Errand at Foxearth
Foxearth High Fidelity
Foxearth Absolutely Fab for Antoc Foxearth Fire Cracker
Foxearth Flippant
Sandcastle’s As You Like It at Foxearth Sandcastle’s Zoot Suit Bell Pepper’s Datapen Calibra’s Black Bogieman
Greengrove Venice Showgirl
Oneway’s New Sensation OneWay’s Al Capone
OneWay’s Simply The Best
Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth Newarp Cat Dancing At Dakotah
Foxearth Silver Florin
Bothways Amazing Grace at Cownbred Bothways Blue Savannah
Bothways Quite A Surprise


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69 children from 16 litters | details

18.12.2012 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up
 » Foxearth Flisa’bet
 » Foxearth Frankel

29.07.2013 kennel: Poulot’s
dam: Clingstone’s Sounds Good
 » Poulot’s Just My Joker

03.08.2013 kennel: Shulune
dam: Mighty’s Spring Meadow Gift For Shulune
 » Shulune Imperial Blue Print for Jotars
 » Shulune Imperial Gift for Buebezi
 » Shulune Imperial Legend

23.09.2013 kennel: Blamorder
dam: Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder
 » Blamorder Back in Town
 » Blamorder Back to the Future
 » Blamorder Back To The Start For Saraneth
 » Blamorder Back with a Dream

03.06.2014 kennel: Manordeifi
dam: Manordeifi Sweet Suzanna
 » Manordeifi Summer Magic

24.11.2014 kennel: Breckamore
dam: Finnish Touch for Breckamore
 » Breckamore Adora Belle
 » Breckamore Bayleaf
 » Breckamore Boris
 » Breckamore By Design
 » Breckamore Jenson Button
 » Breckamore Joy Bells

10.04.2015 kennel: Tersurani
dam: Cownbred Hearts Desire
 » Tersurani Glencoe
 » Tersurani Glenshee
 » Tersurani Heilan Laddie
 » Tersurani Heilan Lassie
 » Tersurani Highlander
 » Tersurani Isle Of Skye
 » Tersurani Shetland
 » Tersurani Tartan Rover

18.04.2015 kennel: Ganthem
dam: Kingrock Artemis of Ganthem
 » Ganthem Golden Skye

11.11.2015 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Fly Orchis
 » Foxearth Fabracadabra
 » Foxearth Incognito

12.06.2016 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Finnish Romance
 » Foxearth Fandella
 » Foxearth Fantasy
 » Foxearth Fischer
 » Foxearth Fitzroy
 » Foxearth Flirtocious
 » Foxearth Floral Lady
 » Foxearth Fluter Bye

14.07.2016 kennel: Blamorder
dam: Juniperwood Just a Dream
 » Blamorder Bubble Gum Chum
 » Blamorder CurlyWurly Girly
 » Blamorder Ice Cream Dream
 » Blamorder Jelly Bean Queen
 » Blamorder Liquorice Wish
 » Blamorder Sherbet Flirt

12.02.2017 kennel: Wynele
dam: Kingrock Atarah Wynele
 » Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore
 » Wynele Blue Mist
 » Wynele Maid In England
 » Wynele Midnight Classic
 » Wynele Party Politics
 » Wynele Royal Admiral
 » Wynele Sea Captain Garthfield

02.09.2017 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Finnish Romance
 » Foxearth Fashion for Jagentraum
 » Foxearth Fletch
 » Foxearth Flint’s Son
 » Foxearth Full Moon
 » Foxearth Silver Finch
 » Foxearth Silver Fleck
 » Foxearth Sugar Frost

21.10.2017 kennel: Daracha
dam: Sorrepim Just Peachy
 » Daracha Blackberry
 » Daracha Blaeberry
 » Daracha Colm Aille
 » Daracha Damson
 » Daracha Dearc
 » Daracha Eclipse

17.01.2018 kennel: Wynele
dam: Kingrock Atarah Wynele
 » Wynele Back To Black
 » Wynele Back To The Future
 » Wynele Blue Jeans
 » Wynele Finishing Touch
 » Wynele Vaguely Blue

26.04.2018 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Clingstone’s Hot Shot
 » Foxearth Dino Ferrari
 » Foxearth Enzo Ferrari
 » Foxearth Formula One

20.03.2019 kennel: Asa Nanica
dam: Asa Nanica Bird of Passage
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