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Google of Bohemia Balada

Google of Bohemia Balada Google of Bohemia Balada
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 15.08.2011
Show titles: IntCh, CZ Ch, PL Ch, H Ch, SK Ch, CZ JCh, HR JCh, Junior Winner Zagreb, BOB-Junior, 8x CAC, CACIB, 3x R.CACIB
  HD A/A
  ED 0/0
  CEA/PRA/Kat free (as puppy)
  CEA DNA non-carrier (by parentage)
  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier
  MDR1 +/-
  DM N/N
Height: 57 cm    
pure for smooth
available for stud

Of Bohemia Balada
Breeder:   Sabina Havlíčková (kennel: Of Bohemia Balada)
Country: Czech republic

Owner: Kamila & Miroslav Davídek (kennel: Martheline)
Country: Czech republic     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0.81%  AVK 96.67% (4 gen.)
Flying Heartbreakers Double Ace Shiny Lake’s Best Gift Ever Sandcastle’s Truth Or Dare Sandcastle’s Trick Or Treat
Sandcastle’s Skinnydipping
Smooth Ravishing Gift Of Torrosly Toonie-Loves Smooth Delicious
Smooth Mystery Minx of Torrosly
Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers Dandinas Future Victory Sunsweet The Ringmaster
Dandinas Angel Lady
Collie’s of Sealand Zuy Zita Smooth Fairlines Spotted Blue Born
Collie’s of Sealand Number Seven Nice Nessica
Grace von dem Eisvogel Honey Melon Hartley Henry Dandinas Amazing Spirit Braemar’s What’s His Face
Dalimattas My Sweet Lady
Finn-Beauty’s Gipsy Girl Sunsweet The Ringmaster
Foxearth Flambeau
Turella’s Moonflower Asim Dream Alkami Dalimattas Disco Dream
Marble’s Blue Xtra (rough collie)
Turella’s Josephine OneWay’s Sex Crime
Foxearth Fire Imp


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