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Jack Mack’s VIP Groig      "Tyson"

Jack Mack’s VIP Groig Jack Mack’s VIP Groig
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 31.10.2008
Died: 26.11.2014
Show titles: D Ch (VDH), D JCh (VDH)
  HD A
  CEA/PRA/Kat free (as puppy)
  CEA DNA carrier (by parentage)
  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier
  MDR1 +/+ (by parentage)
Height: 59 cm    
Körklasse I

Jack Mack’s
Breeder:   Gudrun Hartmann (kennel: Jack Mack’s)
Country: Germany     www

Owner: Steffi Schrauf (kennel: Vom Neckarwiesenweg)
Country: Germany     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 96.67% (4 gen.)
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18.04.2011 kennel: Margrave Hills
dam: Drnda Nirreterrit
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06.02.2012 kennel: Quid Quid Agis
dam: Donatella vom Riesbachtal
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14.12.2012 kennel: Kevins’s Lightdancers
dam: Phantom of Scotland Golden Wing Galina
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23.05.2013 kennel: Jack Mack’s
dam: Jack Mack’s X-Dream Socair
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