Heatherland’s Kalahari

Heatherland’s Kalahari
Sex: female
Colour: sable-merle
Born: 01.11.2014
  • MDR1 +/-
Kennel: Heatherland’s
kennel: Heatherland’s
Country: Germany


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 0% AVK 100% (4 gen. - uncomplete)
First Frost of Netiv HaAyit McMaur’s Evening Attire McMaur’s The Intimidator McMaur’s The Eliminator
McMaur’s Bellagio Contessa
McMaur’s Prerequisitie ?
Ability’s Kate of Ohadi Belfair Blue Cadillac Edenrock The Mask Of Society
Belfair Barely An Angel
Ohadi Grace Under Fire Bit O Heaven’s Darae Gun
Ohadi My Blue Interlude (rough collie)
Heatherland’s Lovely Lucille Chunky Monkey van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Rico van Shaka’s Royal Kraal Balto van Shaka’s Royal Kraal
Pretty Donna van Shaka’s Royal Kraal
Cardross Misty Blue Braemar’s Carbon Copy (rough collie)
Cresthaven Ocean Pearl
Special Design By Glasgowhill (rough collie) Special Sharp Dressed Man ?
Glasgowhill’s Divine Design ?
Virtual pedigree with male: