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Mironik’s Jazz With Pearl

Mironik’s Jazz With Pearl Mironik’s Jazz With Pearl
Sex: female    Colour: tricolor
Born: 16.10.2001
Died: 2010
  HD A
  Eyes clear (as puppy & 20 months)
Korning (old) +150
rough factor

Breeder:   Monica Johansson (kennel: Mironik’s)
Country: Sweden     www

Owner: Monica Johansson (kennel: Mironik’s)
Country: Sweden     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 100% (4 gen. - uncomplete)
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10 children from 2 litters | details

02.04.2004 kennel: Mironik’s
sire: Folias Zkuggan
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27.12.2004 kennel: Mironik’s
sire: Seamist Spartacus (rough collie)
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