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Older puppies and adult dogs for sale

Allegory Beowulf - sable male

Cinnaberry’s Centaurus - sable male

Born puppies

Diamondfox, FI
25.01.2018 - 3 sable males, 4 sable females, 1 tricolor female
Sandcastle’s Save The King x Diamondfox One So Beautiful

Iituvaaran, FI
14.02.2018 - 2 tricolor males, 6 tricolor females
Secret Affair’s Unleash Ur Instinct x Iituvaaran Beam Me Up Sissy

MacGee’s, FI
21.01.2018 - 1 blue-merle male, 1 tricolor female
Adamhill’s Kind Of Cool x Clingstone’s Looks Like Love

Expected litters

Cinnaberry’s, FI
April 2018 - sable, tricolor
Clingstone’s Lap Dog x Cinnaberry’s Silky Smooth

Cinnaberry’s, FI
end of April 2018 - sable, tricolor
Clingstone’s Rick Rolled x Cinnaberry’s High Hopes

Koiruuksien, FI
February 2018 - sable, tricolor
Koiruuksien Tim-Antti x Black Elles Face Up To Magic

Planned litters

Cinnaberry’s, FI
2019 - sable, tricolor?
Turella’s Jack Pot x Cinnaberry’s Tangerine

Cinnaberry’s, FI
2018 - tricolor, blue-merle
Jack Mack’s pàisde Pon x Cinnaberry’s Time Has Come

Cinnaberry’s, FI
2018/2019 - tricolor, blue-merle
Helios of Bohemia Balada x Cinnaberry’s Midnight Dare

Diamondfox, FI
summer 2018 - tricolor, blue-merle
Black Elles Gift Of Magic x Kiiramanna Tiettyä Tunnelmaa

Diamondfox, FI
2018 - tricolor, blue-merle
Absolute Dynamite Of the Windy Lands x Dane Amor Miracle Of Love

Meiningin, FI
begin of 2018 - tricolor
Silver Serenity’s Lobo x Meiningin Kipene

Nahkatöppösen, FI
spring/summer 2018 - sable, tricolor
Dalimattas Born To Be All Right x Nuuskakairan Marie Antoinette

Needlerock, FI
spring 2018 - tricolor, blue-merle
Nuuskakairan Pilkku-Poika x Needlerock Northern Lights

Nuuskakairan, FI
begin of 2018 - sable, tricolor
Keyword Paladin x Nuuskakairan Tårta På Tårta

Sopivan, FI
summer 2018 - sable, tricolor
Cinnaberry’s Calvin K x Shulune Imperial Banshee

Taygem, FI
summer 2018 - sable
Kerhaven’s The X Factor x Kiiramanna This Is True Madam

Tender Wind’s, FI
spring 2018 - tricolor, blue-merle
Diamondfox Monsieur Cascade x Elettaria Cardemomum Av Thara