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Born puppies

Asa Nanica, DE
20.03.2019 - 2 tricolor males, 2 tricolor females, 3 blue-merle females
Foxearth Flintab x Asa Nanica Bird of Passage

From the Sun of China, DE
14.04.2019 - 2 sable males, 6 sable females
Buddy Holly from the Sun of China x Jack Mack’s niamh niav

Jack Mack’s, DE
09.05.2019 - 2 tricolor female, 1 tricolor female, 1 blue-merle female
Kalalassie’s in Fintry Scotland x Jack Mack’s spèis saoghal

Kalalassie’s, DE
16.03.2019 - 1 sable male, 1 tricolor male, 7 sable females
The Fairy Flag’s Clotted Cream Fudge x Kalalassie’s Dear Bonnie Bee

Kurai’s little Secret, DE
27.03.2019 - 2 sable males, 2 tricolor males, 2 sable females, 1 tricolor female
The Fairy Flag’s Clotted Cream Fudge x Turella’s Pauline

Phantom of Scotland, DE
14.04.2019 - 3 tricolor males, 1 blue-merle male
Phantom of Scotland Queen’s and King’s Henry x Natalain Real Queen Irina

Quid Quid Agis, DE
22.04.2019 - 3 males, 4 females (tricolor, blue-merle)
Hopefully Jack vom Palais Brinn x Quid Quid Agis Battis

Vom Isteiner Klotz, DE
27.04.2019 - 2 sable males, 3 tricolor males, 2 tricolor females
Amante del Cavallo Anouk x Anette’s Emotion Cary

Expected litters

Ab angelo comitante, DE
May 2019 - sable
Kalalassie’s High End x Jack Mack’s neala niav

Asa Nanica, DE
June 2019 - tricolor
Legendens Legolas x Legend of Camelot’s Kindly Touch

black riding Hood, DE
June 2019 - sable, tricolor
Natalain Keystone x Unique’s Diamond Maven

From the Twilight Forest, DE
June 2019 - sable, tricolor
Phantom of Scotland Purple Heart Lexington x Phantom of Scotland Rømø Wilma

Highland Hero, DE
June 2019 - sable, tricolor
Phantom of Scotland Ironheart Thagnar x Turella’s Endless Love

Vom kleinen Sonnenberg, DE
June 2019 - tricolor, blue-merle
Maxime vom Palmbachtal x Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg

Von der Daburg, DE
begin of May 2019 - sable, tricolor
All inclusive vom Feueropal x Bumblebee Mountains Caramel céleste

Planned litters

Angel’s from Cottage Mountain, DE
winter 2018/2019 - sable, tricolor?
Mr X x Essence of life vom Feueropal

black riding Hood, DE
spring/summer 2019 - sable, tricolor
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Io Ilario x Bloody Mary from the Sun of China

Elsenz Hoppers, DE
spring/summer 2019 - tricolor, blue-merle
Mr X x Elsenz Hoppers Bond Girl

Jack Mack’s, DE
spring 2019 - tricolor
Jack Mack’s Jo-ilar x Blamorder Liquorice Wish

Legend of Camelot’s, DE
summer 2019 - tricolor, blue-merle
Chicago Bila Kaífa x Legend of Camelot’s Hearts Desire

Legend of Camelot’s, DE
late summer/autumn 2019 - sable, tricolor
Bonté coeur Lago Benea x Legend of Camelot’s Must Be Love

Manjuba, DE
autumn/winter 2019 - tricolor, blue-merle
Kalalassie’s in Fintry Scotland x Cosmopolitan cover girl vom Feueropal