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Links - Clubs, organisations

   Austrian british sheepdog club
   Collie Club of Canada
   Collie Club of Victoria
   Collie Rough and Smooth Club of Queensland
   Czech collie & sheltie club
   Dansk Collie Klub
   Dutch Collie Club
   Estonian Society of Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs
   Finish collie club
   French Collie Club
   German british sheepdog club
   German collie club
   Hungarian british sheepdog club
   Luxembourg Club for British & Australian Sheepdogs
   MEOE Hungária Collie-Sheltie-Corgi Klub
   Moravian collie & sheltie club
   Norwegian collie club
   Slovak collie & sheltie club
   Slovenian british sheepdog club
   Smooth Collie Association of Australasia
   Smooth Collie Club of Russia
   Smooth Collie Collie Club of Great Britain
   Swedish collie club
   Swiss Collie Club
   Tasmanian Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club
   The British Collie Club
   The Collie Club of NSW
   The Rough & Smooth Collie Training Association
   West of England Collie Society