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Kennel Snuggletooth

Sally Curtis
Country: United Kingdom

21 dogs from 12 litters | short list | details

19.01.1988 Bothways Gambit at Corralette’s x Yslann Sierra of Sharmdise (rough collie)
 » Snuggletooth Silk Stocking
 » Snuggletooth Toke Townly
 » Snuggletooth Traper Travis

26.04.1989 Bothways Gambit at Corralette’s x Delmbush Golden Moments at Snuggletooth
 » Snuggletooth Corn Dolly Mo

26.10.1989 Glenmist Movie Maestro x Snuggletooth Silk Stocking
 » Snuggletooth Satin’n Steel

07.07.1990 Snuggletooth Traper Travis x Snuggletooth Corn Dolly Mo
 » Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo
 » Snuggletooth Hazy Maizey Mo

17.03.1992 Crossfell’s Golden Guinea x Snuggletooth Hazy Maizey Mo
 » Snuggletooth Barleycorn Mo

04.02.1995 Snuggletooth Satin’n Steel x Snuggletooth Barleycorn Mo
 » Snuggletooth Deesal’s Dream

14.12.1995 Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo x Snuggletooth Deesal’s Dream
 » Snuggletooth Dream Lover

19.03.1997 Snuggletooth Dream Lover x Snuggletooth Deesal’s Dream
 » Snuggletooth Forbidden Luv
 » Snuggletooth Kissing King
 » Snuggletooth Mother’s Love

17.04.1999 Merland Midnight Marauder x Bothways Touch of Class at Snuggletooth
 » Snuggletooth Squidgy’s Mate

06.06.2001 Foxearth Snow Flurry x Faxed Back to Foxearth
 » Flurry’s Fine Fellow at Foxearth
 » Snuggletooth Fag Ash Lil at Chicnoir
 » Snuggletooth Flurry’s Filly

14.02.2003 Chicnoir Snowberry at Snuggletooth x Snuggletooth Flurry’s Filly
 » Snuggletooth Filly’s Fancy among Trageeda
 » Snuggletooth Filly’s Fellow at Chicnoir

26.11.2003 Foxearth Oliver’s Footprint to Chicnoir x Snuggletooth Flurry’s Filly
 » Snuggletooth Oliver’s Twist via Chicnoir
 » Snuggletooth Ollie’s Oh La La to Cownbred