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Kennel Baqilodge

Mim Bester
Country: Australia

14 dogs from 5 litters | short list | details

13.05.2006 Corydon Black Zerxes (rough collie) x Blossom Hill American Dream
 » Baqilodge Quiet Riot
 » Baqilodge Quietly Singing
 » Baqilodge Quiver N Arrow
 » Baqilodge Quizmaster

06.02.2008 Baqilodge Quizmaster x Blossom Hill American Dream
 » Baqilodge Ukulele Lady
 » Baqilodge Unannounced
 » Baqilodge Unstoppable
 » Baqilodge Unveiled Glory
 » Baqilodge Upon Request

17.02.2008 Baqilodge Quizmaster x Baqilodge Quite So
 » Baqilodge V Van Dogh
 » Baqilodge Virginia Woolf

29.10.2009 Fantasy’s North Star (rough collie) x Baqilodge Unveiled Glory
 » Baqilodge Zats All Folks

06.03.2010 Baqilodge Paid The Piper (rough collie) x Baqilodge Ukulele Lady
 » Baqilodge Bracken
 » Baqilodge Business As Usual